Service Design


I setup this website in early 2009 and it coincided with the emergence of an online ‘service design’ community, discussing and sharing practice on twitter and trading blog posts. I have followed and participated in the development of this community of practice through my involvement in the This is Service Design Thinking Textbook and through a number of Service Design focussed projects.  

The definition and practice of this discipline, sitting as it does at the intersection of many facets of design and professional practice, continues to interest me. As I was redeveloping this site and updating my portfolio in August 2012 I turned to a model of ‘Design for Services’ by Daniela Sangiorgi and Anna Meroni (2011, p.215) that helpfully captures the breadth of elements that comprise Service Design as a discipline.

The timeline above captures my previous blog posts on Service Design and the model below, adapted from Sangiorgi and Meroni, highlights how my previous projects and experiences have given me a well rounded set of skills and experiences as a Service Designer.

Some of my posts over the past few years about Service Design are listed below:


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